VIC Offshore Fishing Reef Project

Date Posted: 17/07/15 4:56 PM

  In June 2015, Haejoo Group has completed one of the biggest fish habitat enhancement projects in Victoria’s history to sustainably improve offshore recreational fishing opportunities. 25 units Fish Box purpose-built modules create the Victoria’s largest artificial reef in approximately … Continued

Lobster Habitat Reef Project, Sultanate of Oman

Date Posted: 16/07/15 8:35 PM

  In April 2015, Haejoo Oman Branch has successfully completed the first lobster habitat reef enhancement project in the Middle East, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman. As the world leading marine farm and purpose-built artificial reef … Continued

The Sultanate’s Pilot Marine Farm Projects

Date Posted: 4/03/15 2:36 AM

In May 2013, Haejoo has established a Branch Office in Sultanate of Oman, following on award of pilot marine farm projects in Al Batinah region upon submission of a proposal to implement a sustainable marine farm using purpose-built artificial reef technology in the coast of Suwaiq.

WA South West Artificial Reef Project

Date Posted: 31/01/13 2:58 PM

Soon after winning the tender for design, fabrication and deployment of South West Artificial Reefs in Western Australia (WA), Haejoo Group has showcased its expertise in sustainable artificial reef technology by successfully completing the first trial of purpose-built artificial reefs in the state.

Haejoo Media Release – 30 October 2012

Date Posted: 30/10/12 6:20 PM

  Haejoo Media Release in response to articles recently published in The West Australian, Herald Sun and ABC in relation to the South West Artificial Reef contract in Western Australia.     MEDIA RELEASE  Tuesday, 30 October 2012  In response to … Continued

NSW Sydney Offshore Artificial Reefs (OARs)

Date Posted: 19/11/11 5:55 PM

In October 2011, Haejoo Group successfully completed construction and deployment of NSW offshore artificial reef project working in joint venture basis with Waterway Constructions. The States first offshore artificial reef is installed to improve recreational fishing opportunities.

QLD Moreton Bay Artificial Reef Program

Date Posted: 18/11/11 8:44 AM

The Queensland Government has established six artificial reefs in Moreton Bay Marine Park, at a cost of $2 million. The program has been delivered by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM).