Haejoo Media Release – 30 October 2012


Haejoo Media Release in response to articles recently published in The West Australian, Herald Sun and ABC in relation to the South West Artificial Reef contract in Western Australia. 



Tuesday, 30 October 2012 

In response to various articles recently published in The West Australian, Herald Sun and ABC in relation to the Royalties for Regions-funded South West Artificial Reef contract in the Geographe Bay area of Western Australia, Haejoo Pty Ltd (“Haejoo”) wishes to confirm that Haejoo is an Australian company based in NSW, owned and run by Australians.

Haejoo’s Executive Director Ryan Paik states “Haejoo Pty Ltd is an Australian project management company that specialises solely and specifically in purpose-built artificial reef design, layouts and fabrications, and has an exclusive rights agreement in place to share the intellectual property of purpose-built artificial reef designs with a world leading South Korean ocean reef design company. We value the importance of local economy. That’s why we only consider local fabrication of modules engaging with local companies and suppliers. In Queensland, we’ve directly and indirectly engaged more than ten local suppliers during the fabrication process. And in the South West of Western Australia, we’ll ensure that a vast amount of works and opportunities are created for the locals through this contract” he added.

Haejoo would also like to confirm that the company underwent a transparent and rigorous tender process overseen by the WA government to win this contract and strongly rejects any claims to the contrary.

In response to Western Australia’s Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt’s comments in ABC’s article titled “Local companies overlooked in reef contract” dated 30 October 2012, Haejoo rejects the claim that awarding this project to Haejoo counters efforts to “promote local job opportunities” and confirms it will continue its current practices of working closely with local suppliers and service providers alike for this current project.

Facts: Haejoo Pty Ltd was established in October 2009 with a vision to become world’s leading expert in purpose-built artificial reefs. In the following year, Haejoo successfully completed artificial reef programs in both Queensland and New South Wales. Haejoo is now dedicated to providing a complete solution for implementation of sustainable artificial reefs in Western Australia whilst aspiring to the highest environmental, sustainability and quality standards in all our design, fabrication and installation processes.

Please direct any queries to [email protected]/haejoo-2.au

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