NSW Sydney Offshore Artificial Reefs (OARs)


In October 2011, Haejoo Group successfully completed construction and deployment of NSW offshore artificial reef project working in joint venture basis with Waterway Constructions. The States first offshore artificial reef is installed to improve recreational fishing opportunities. The structure was deployed approximately 1.2 km east of ‘The Gap’ (South Head) in 38 m of water.

The reef was deigned and constructed using funds from the Recreational Fishing Trusts, commissioned by NSW department of primary industries.

The offshore unit is the largest purpose built individual artificial structure to be deployed in the country. It weighs over 40 tonnes, stands 12 m at its highest point and has a reef volume in excess of 700m3. It is designed to not only withstand the high energy NSW coastal conditions, but also to remain intact for a minimum of 30 years.


The artificial reefs GPS coordinates (WGS84) are:

Latitude – 33°50.797′S Longitude – 151°17.988′E


More information about the project and fishing the offshore artificial reef can be found by downloading the  Offshore-AR-user-guide.