QLD Moreton Bay Artificial Reef Program




The Queensland Government has established six artificial reefs in Moreton Bay Marine Park, at a cost of $2 million. The program has been delivered by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM).

The artificial reefs provide recreational anglers with a range of exciting new fishing opportunities in the marine park.


Completing Australia’s first offshore artificial reef project in August 2011, Haejoo Group has successfully demonstrated its project managing expertise in design, construction and deployment of purpose built artificial reefs in all offshore reef sites of Moreton Bay Marine Park: Wild Banks, North Moreton and South Stradbroke reefs using Haejoo’s own proven designs namely steel mega structure “Fish Cave” and one of the biggest re-enforced concrete man-made reefs known internationally “Fish Box”.



Module Information

Fish Cave

Internationally proven ‘Fish Cave’ design was modified and purpose-built to  primarily target pelagic fish and suit the local conditions at the Wild Banks site offshore.

Three units were fabricated from steel and stand 11m tall, 11m wide and weigh 14.4T.

Fish Box

A ‘Fish Box ‘ is 4m3, 17T structure with unique cross braces made from re-enforced concrete. The innovative design is to promote upwelling and shelter for fish habitat around deployed areas.

25 units were constructed to create North Moreton Artificial Reef and another 20 were fabricated to create South Stradbroke site to enhance recreational fishing around the bay.




Deployment Map


Wild Banks Artificial Reef

North Moreton Artificial Reef

South Stradbroke Artificial Reef




Haejoo Group performs routine monitoring on all reef sites. Please check our website for updates.